Analytics Services allows you to easily analyze information, segment your customers and carry out interactive campaigns using diverse channels in order to modify the conduct of your customers and meet your sales goals.

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Service Overview


Our analytical tool uses an integrated campaign motor to help you generate campaigns in real time, using emails, SMS, cell phone alerts, point of sale interactions, and our call center.

This is a tool for analysis of information and generation of marketing strategies using a SaaS structure that segments and “clusters” customers in any type of business where customers and their consumption/ purchase habits can be identified.

Our analytics is equipped with a series of segment filters or conditions that allow us to direct our efforts toward customers in an intelligent and precise fashion, using purchase history and algorithm analysis.

The information is analyzed with the most advanced algorithms, using “Learning Machines” techniques such as customer “Similarity” and “Predictability”, as well as customer behavior modeling tools.

Services Features:

  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Similarity
  • Predictability
  • Clusters in real time
  • Marketing Strategies
  • SaaS Plataform
  • Email & SMS