A cloud-based store is becoming more and more important for increased sales and for better customer service. Loymark offers the experience and platform you need for your new point of sale.

Some clients with this service:

Service Overview


Our platform is robust, secure, and flexible. This flexibility allows us to personalize the platform according to the needs of our clients, following industry best-practices.

The platform uses cloud-based pricing; our client does not invest in infrastructure and we can guarantee continuity of the business.

Our E-Commerce platform can be integrated with other Loymark solutions to generate loyalty programs or marketing campaigns (direct or using social networks) to promote your store or products.

E-Commerce is equipped with an app for purchases using iOS or Android, giving you greater coverage.

Loymark has developed a platform that offers:

  1. - On-line member enrollment
  2. - In-store visitor navigation
  3. - On-line statements
  4. - On-line purchase history
  5. - Prize and product search using point ranges
  6. - Purchase order personalization (with product characteristics)
  7. - Integration with credit card payment methods
  8. - Product catalogue configuration
  9. - Integration with third-party sales points systems for transaction communication
  10. - Third-party integration for inclusion of prize catalogues
  11. - Integration third-party on-line stores for point statement requests
  12. - Administration of on-line points promotions for customers
  13. - Administration of gift cards and on-line coupons
  14. - Administration of site content (banners)
  15. - Administration of suggested or highlighted prizes
  16. - Tools for monitoring of program processes
  17. - Call center for support of purchases and redemptions

Service Features:

  • Conceptualization / Strategy
  • Architecture / Usability
  • Design / Development
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • PPC & SEO
  • SaaS platform
  • Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Contact Center