This tool stimulates your sales force or distribution channel to focus on what is relevant to increased sales. The objective is to keep your salespeople motivated and focused on clear goals through Gamification campaigns and special offers.

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Service Overview

RocketSales is designed for integrated management of communication, training, measurement and recognition tools.

What behaviors do you want to motivate in your sales force? Generate more prospects, more product or SKU-specific sales? You define the parameters for your sales force and create internal sales competitions using our wizard.

Rocket Sales is a global solution that can be implemented in various countries and languages, using multiple currencies. This cloud-based solution permits quick implementation and is easily scalable.

Loymark can build a program of incentives that will help your sales forces reach its goals. We start by understanding your sales force, its current compensation program and goals. From there, we build a program that fits its needs. RocketSales gives you the flexibility you need to constantly innovate and keep your sales force disciplined, motivated and informed of how to reach their goals. Programs can be organized for individual salespeople, for teams, or for departments.

Motivating a sales force is about more than just commissions or bonuses; it’s about having a system that allows you to use multiple channels to keep salespeople focused on goals and maximize their productivity. Create prizes, leaderboards, rankings, trophies, public recognition. Communication channels that help keep salespeople informed and motivated.

At Loymark, we have the tools for effective sales force incentive programs, with the flexibility necessary to keep the programs fresh and in a state of constant evolution.